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SPAASI (Stratégie de promotion des artistes acadiens sur la scène internationale) is a support mechanism that facilitates distribution for professional artists, as well as participation by cultural industries on the international scene.

The objective of this component of the SNA (Socété Nationale de l'Acadie) is to promote Acadia as a centre for top-notch creativity and to develop international markets, thereby improving the marketing of Acadian cultural products and works from the four Atlantic Provinces.


SPAASI was initiated in 1999 by a consortium of arts and culture organizations. These organizations wanted to enhance recent initiatives to meet the urgent need to make Acadian creation known outside Acadia, in Québec and elsewhere in La Francophonie around the world.

The SNA (Société Nationale de l'Acadie) was entrusted with SPAASI because it is active throughout Atlantic Canada, represents the Acadian people internationally, signs agreements with France and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and spearheads a number of regional and international cultural initiatives.

In 2002, the SNA carried out three successful initiatives: drafting an operating plan for SPAASI, sending a mission representing the Acadian music industry to the Déferlantes francophones and beefing up the international component of FrancoFête.

Strengthened by the results of its earlier initiatives, SPAASI carried out four major activities in 2003: a follow-up mission to the Déferlantes francophones de Capbreton (France), a first marketplace for Acadian and regional cinema at the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (FICFA), the international industry component of FrancoFête and Nuits acadiennes in Paris.


Since 2010, SPAASI has concentrated mainly on four areas: the international component of FrancoFête en Acadie, overseas trade shows, soliciting activities and rolling out CRIA (Centre de ressources international et acadien).

1. Francofête en Acadie (international Component)
Organize and host a delegation of international buyers to Acadia to attend Acadian artist showcases presented during the annual gathering of promoters from Atlantic Canada and the Francophone community in Canada. Includes meetings to develop and advance the distribution network for Acadian artists internationally, opportunities for collaborations and ongoing projects between Acadia and the various international markets, and training for Acadian exporters. This event takes place every November in Moncton and Dieppe, New Brunswick. SPAASI hosts an average of thirty international delegates each year.

2. International Sales Missions
Organize and hold a get-together of international buyers to attend Acadian artist showcases at an event outside Canada. Includes mainly business meetings to encourage international sales and career development and recruit new buyers for possible participation in the next FrancoFête. Also called "professional days". Similar to FrancoFête but on foreign soil. In partnership with one or more international distributers. One or two fairs a year. Various target markets, countries, events and dates.

In recent years, SPAASI has hosted trade shows at the Festival Pully-Lavaux (Switzerland, 2012), the Festival Interceltique de Lorient (France, 2011 and 2012), and the Crossroads International Celtic Festival (United States, 2013).

3. Professional Conferences
Participation in industry conferences where large contingents of international buyers are already registered and positioning Acadia strategically in these markets. Includes the possibility to recruit new buyers for the next trade show and/or FrancoFête, and for the CRIA directory. Also called "exploratory missions". In partnership with the event organizer. Around two to four soliciting events a year, in Canada and/or abroad. Variable events and dates.

SPAASI participated in the following soliciting activities: Festival L'Estival de St. Germain en Laye (France, 2011), Biennale Internationale du Spectacle de Nantes (France, 2012), Bourse Rideau (Québec, 2012), Folk Alliance International Conference (Memphis, 2012), Festival International de Lafayette (Louisiana, 2013) Francofolies de La Rochelle (France, 2013) and Francofolies de Spa (France, 2013).

4. International and Acadian Ressource Centre (CRIA)
A website managed by SPAASI and available to international professionals who want to work with Acadian artists. The site also lists for Acadian artists the main buyers, markets and industry profiles required for exports. Includes directories of Acadian artists and international professionals, audio players, online sales, a calendar of activities and the latest industry news.

CRIA was rolled out in November 2011 with the Music section. In 2013, the Dance, Theatre, Literature, Cinema and Visual Arts sections were also added, as well as the English version of the Music section.
CRIA (Centre de ressources international et acadien) is a one-stop online source for information on the structures and modes of operation of the various market networks making up the Acadian and European cultural industries. CRIA is a project of SPAASI (Stratégie de promotion des artistes acadiens sur la scène internationale) and the SNA (Société Nationale de l'Acadie).
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